When Summer Turns To Fall

by You Just Don't

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    The new full length album from You Just Don't on CD. Comes with artwork designed by Charles Presley individually assembled by Josh.

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When Summer Turns to Fall is the first full-length release by You Just Don't, which is Joshua Manis's solo project. Joshua (who is also the singer/guitarist in Gamenight) recorded the whole album at home.


released October 28, 2014

You Just Don’t is the solo music project of Joshua Manis.

When Summer...was performed, recorded, and mixed by Joshua Manis at The Lark Lane House in Knoxville, TN. Parts of “Boomerang” and “Sleuth” were tracked in Mom’s garage. Recording took place between 2009 and early 2014.

Mastering and mixing consultation by Matt Weber at The Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ.

Brandon Manis performed drums on “An Awful Sound.” Robby Kerr aided with stomps and claps on “Grandkids.” I appreciate their hands and feet.

Album cover and all artwork illustrated by Charles Presley.


all rights reserved



You Just Don't Knoxville, Tennessee

You Just Don't is the solo project of Joshua Manis (of Gamenight). He records his music at home and builds his songs on layers, loops, complex structures, and catchy hooks. Simplicity and intricacy mesh uniquely on his new album, When Summer Turns to Fall. ... more

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Track Name: Come On
Considering malcontent, organize everything. Put the pieces of the pie meticulously into my brain. Stay inside the frame. Bottling becomes a game trying not to complain. Cap the top to keep it in ‘cause I’m lucky comparatively. It doesn’t mean I’m sound asleep; I let it all out in a dream: what I’m sorry for. Storming now, trying to walk her to the car. Black snake eyes, I heard you mutter, “Come on.” Turn around, face to face. Noodle arms just dangling. Could have sworn I heard you mutter, “Come on,” so mother fucker, come on. Black snake eyes looking doubly wide. Just getting home is the objective tonight.
Track Name: An Awful Sound
Stay close as we cross the street in the rain. Humming a hook as you tell me about your day. Oh, you speak up because the rain amplifies the city sounds. I smile, but you were expecting a frown. The garden needs this more than we do, but I love that it drowns out complaints coming from you. And I remember us this time last June dancing outside with our hands wrinkled like prunes. Hey, but who knew? Cortisone in my mind I’m itching for something new, but it’s itching all the time. Please can’t the swelling just go down? I keep scratching the same ol’ itch, and it makes an awful sound. I’ve been hauling mulch all day, but you ain’t gonna help me spread it out.
Track Name: Paragon
In a way it’s what I was wanting all along. Underwater soul longing for the desert sun, but it don’t shine deep enough. She’s a paragon: making me grade on a curve, but what a teacher wants when not teaching is to learn. O’er an ocean treading tides I have placed you in my mind. Walk the harbor shores and think, “Though we wished it different, it just couldn’t be.” Make my way back into town, different visions, different sounds. I’m as far as far can be. If we could distance ourselves, we’d cure easily. Seems like it’s happening. Feels like it’s happening.
Track Name: How Little Doth One Know
It was this day three years ago when I was torn apart. I knew that you were finally through, prepared for a new start. It’s odd remembering how I had lost all my control. Alone I walked wishing I still had access to your soul. It was this day four years ago before the tables turned. I could have ran avoiding all the troubling things I learned. Yet here I sit in 2010, and still I’ve no control. I pondered then, still pondering, “How little doth one know?”
Track Name: Boomerang
Come back, baby, come back, baby, I’m a liar. In my defense, you had put me under fire. I envisioned you would travel like a boomerang, but I threw you, and your direction never changed. Oh my soul, I’m much too young to feel so damn old. My mind has began to corrode. We’re privileged; we climb up under the Gay Street Bridge and watch the fireworks explode. Feel it out, causing me to scream and shout for validity. I tend to use my whole body to talk to you.
Track Name: Grandkids
It’s cold tonight. The Tennessee is freezing. I’ve got to take off my gloves to write. This rain may turn to snow, and I ain’t got no reason to give her any portion of my time tonight. And I will. You know I will. She’s on her way. She says her house is scary, and I’m naive enough to think she wants to stay. We’re older now. My mom’s been talking grandkids, so I don’t wanna hear her say, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Your power over me: don’t abuse it. We’ll cross that bridge, just not tonight. Say whatever you think will make me feel alright. It’s cold tonight. She’s out the door and leaving. I’ve got to take off my gloves and write.
Track Name: Impulse
I am a reformed balloon with duct tape on my puncture wounds. I met you; hot air you blew, and I flew. The tape worked loose, and air leaked out. And you made sure to silence all my doubts. In a flash you turned about and wanted out. It’s sappy. I don’t want to write unhappy songs about love. It’s not that big’a deal, but right now it’s all that I can feel. Should I go for/on impulse? Should have known it’s impulse. I guess it’s just the way you did it. The way you did it made me blame circumstance. Yeah, I don’t know. And I had those same feelings when I left Suck Creek but thought it natural. Don’t wanna go. It’s better now than down the road. One too young the other old. This puncture wound can be patched too, but this I can’t, I can’t confide in you. Confide, confide my puncture wounds.
Track Name: When Summer Turns To Fall
Muscle memory forced to repeat again, and again. Motions with my hands and steps with my feet. I’ve been out walking just looking around to see the lights come on. Trying to feel something different to see if I can see what went wrong. Cars waiting on traffic lights. Don’t wanna go home tonight. Men in fedoras all know the strange appeal of a city girl. Maybe I’m, maybe I’m make believe, so make me know I’m real. I don’t wanna rob a bank, but I know I just want what I can’t feel. Pack your bags and get it all. You swore you’d move from Knoxville when Summer turns to Fall. Browse old things, the jewels and junk. Call the locksmith because you lost the keys to your old trunk. And all the things you’ve done here, and all the people you’ve met, oh, just leave it all. Beats all I’ve ever seen. Leaving won’t make you happier, but at least you’re optimistic nonetheless. From inside I make my way toward the door ‘cause I can’t answer anything anymore. I go walking, clear my head downtown. It’s insane how things keep moving around.
Track Name: Keeping Up
Sure, it would be nice to have someone when you see two your age become one. Get the urge for talking over dinner, I daydream date until I’m on one, but by that time it’s too late. She talked about Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I threw up in my mouth. This seems like a problem that’s fairly new. What did they used to do, or is this even a problem? You can choose with or without whom to share or waste your time. Way to go, you’ve been seeing in color in a black and white world. Every cookie shaped by a cutter. By now, we’re who we are. And the market dwindles further every time you look up. It’s a lawless free for all now to be alone. You were saying something. We all choose with or without whom to share or waste our time.
Track Name: Sleuth
Back and forth we’d go hurling insults as a joke. Feeling Summer winds rush by us, wishing we had a boat. We laid down, the sky our water. And we kicked off our flip flops to feel the ground. Your honest eyes were piercing mine, a light cinnamon brown, and then we’d go under the Old Creek Bridge. And we stayed in touch when I had to leave town. You talked of traveling down to see me and how it would go down. I pictured you as I remembered. Before long the days grew short, and the nights grew cold. And you came down wearing a jacket, and we felt comfortable. I wish you could have just stayed through Winter’s end. Floating on the water, the current is an earthquake. Now I’m left dumbfounded driving down the interstate. Relapse, uncoil, sifting through page after page. The river is the fault-line, the current, an earthquake. See, I probably never loved you, and you can bet I never will. Girl, ‘cause to me love’s a rocking chair that’s never standing still. Lately I’ve been onto you, finding all your careless clues. You see, I’m a sleuth; you never knew. Deceive me, and I’ll deceive you. On the floor you swept we slept because the bed was made. I know I know why ‘cause lately I’ve been onto you. Under the Old Creek Bridge I felt you watching me. Your honest eyes were asking me one thing, “Is distance hindering?” The pieces do not fit, but I will soon forget. You see, I probably never loved you, and you can bet I never will. Girl, ‘cause to me love’s a rocking chair that’s never standing still.